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Mermaid Experience

Would you like a Mermaid to come to your party? 

You can now book a magical mermaid to make a splash at your next children's party or event.

A real mermaid can 'magically appear' someplace in your house, pool or choice of location and stay for 45mins entertaining the children with some little gifts, stories and even education! Then once you distract the children with cake time I magically disappear.

Choose from a range of mermaid parties; wet mermaid, dry mermaid or land mermaid, any would make your party an unforgettable one.

Prices start at $200

Have you always wanted to be a mermaid?

Now is your chance!

Go to to book your mini mermaid course!

You can request for myself to be the instructor for your class, or you can attend the Fremantle course.

In the Mermaid Workshop you learn everything you need to know to become a mermaid and it's also a great start if you are thinking about purchasing your first mermaid tail.

 Mermaid Experience is suitable for all interested people who are at least 7 years old. To join, you must be competent swimmer and swim 50m without problems.

For children we recommend Austswim level 5 or StateSwim 'Sharks' level or above.

The Mermaid Experience welcomes all people, no matter what your shape, size, gender, job or background.

Water experienced people like scuba divers, swimmers or surfers will learn many new techniques too! 


Contact Jess today to book your party or for further information. 

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